I am a life long resident of san benito county

As a life long resident of San Benito County, I know the importance of having a locally accessible community college where a two year degree can be earned. I am a graduate of Gavilan Community College. I received my Bachelor's degree with distinction from C.S.U. Monterey Bay. I attained my Master's degree in Administration from C.S.U. Bakersfield, also with honors.

about community colleges

A community college responds to the educational needs of its community. One of its major roles is to provide affordable postsecondary education as a pathway to a four-year degree. Every community college is represented by an elected board of trustees who are responsible to the citizens of its district. Community colleges only succeed if they are appropriately responsive to the needs of the communities that they serve. Locally elected trustees ensure that community colleges continually update their programs and services to meet evolving educational needs. No other educational institution can match the commitment and impact of community colleges on their local communities. When a community college succeeds, the entire community succeeds in reaping its just rewards.I'd like to be your voice in helping us succeed.

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“Your advocate for San Benito County.”