Joe Paul & Irma Gonzalez

Irma C. Gonzalez
Gavilan College Trustee

"Community Colleges are the cornerstone of
American higher education"

Community Colleges

"Community colleges have a critical role to play in addressing the country’s greatest challenges: stagnant family incomes, disparities in income and wealth, and political polarization."
- Irma C. Gonzalez, Gavilan Community College Trustee Area 7.

"The vote is the most powerful nonviolent tool we have" - John Lewis

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Meet Trustee Irma C. Gonzalez

I am a life-long champion for public education and have always put students first. Increasing college access has and continues to be my highest priority. As the country works to recover from the coronavirus pandemic, I believe that community colleges are more important now than ever.

I attended local schools and am a life-long resident of San Benito County. I am an invested member of this community. I have been married for 45-years to my husband, Joe Paul. We have four children, Briana, Jennifer, Talia and Joseph. We also have two grandchildren.

They are the reason that I decided to become a candidate for the Gavilan College Board in 2018. Our children and grandchildren are our future and deserve what we in San Benito County have bargained for, a locally accessible community college where a two year degree can be earned. With the passage of Measure X in 2018, San Benito County was once again promised a local community college. After the realignment of funding, from the 2008 Bond Measure E in 2008 and the passage of Measure X in 2018, I decided to run and was elected as a Trustee to Area #7 of San Benito County. I ran on the promise of bringing us the campus we were promised with Measure E and X, and I am proud to announce that the long anticipated ground-breaking is scheduled for Spring of 2023 on the corner of Fairview Rd and Pinnacles National Hwy.

A community college responds to the educational needs of its community. Every community college is represented by an elected board of trustees who are responsible to the citizens of its district. I would like to continue to represent you as a Trustee in Area #7 to advocate for all of us and get what we have been promised and need. I want to continue to be San Benito County’s voice as your trustee to help deliver the local college classrooms that we bargained for. Your support for me as your District Area #7 Trustee on the Gavilan Joint Community College Board can make all the difference.