Measure X Passes on November 6, 2018

The voters have spoken, and Measure X has passed. Both Santa Clara County and San Benito County needed to approve the measure with 55% of the votes total in order for it to pass. The complete text of the measure is here.

Announcing Gavilan College's website on Measure X

Transparency and communication are key to the successful implementation of the Measure X bond program..We are excited to announce the launch of Gavilan College’s newly designed website dedicated to Measure X –
Our goal with this website is to provide a quick and easy way to access essential information on all things Measure X, including project updates, financial reports, program documents, and more. As the bond program moves ahead, this website will be regularly updated to keep our community, students, staff, and faculty up to date.

The final vote count:

San Benito County
Yes: 10,167 votes (54.02 percent)
No: 8,655 votes (45.98 percent)



Santa Clara County
Yes: 26,799 votes (62.47 percent)
No: 16,103 votes (37.53 percent)



A complete list of all Board approved projects, statuses, and budgets is located on the Gavilan College Board Measure X informational website, click here

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