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Irma C. Gonzalez
Gavilan College Trustee

"Your Advocate
for San Benito County"

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“Only San Benito Trustee Irma Gonzalez has critically reviewed Gavilan’s management of public resources.”

-Steve Kinsella, former President and Superintendent of Gavilan College.

“San Benito County Trustee Irma Gonzalez has been a loud voice for accountability and student progress.”

-Valerie Egland, San Juan Bautista Artist and Community Activist.

Advocating for Quality Education

My advocacy comes with full awareness of Gavilan’s fiscal challenges, challenges that I have fought to make transparent with every major decision. I am committed to a leadership role which does not rubber stamp decisions but instead asks that they are based on data, accurate budget projections, and an awareness of community college funding issues. Over these last four years. I have put in the time and worked hard to educate myself on all the issues confronting the Gavilan College District to further the mission of providing our students with quality education.

Over these last four years as a hard-working, dedicated member of the Gavilan College Board of Trustees, I have been a passionate advocate for its mission to “actively engage, empower, and enrich students of all backgrounds and abilities to build their full academic, social, and economic potential.”

I humbly ask for your vote on or beforeTuesday, November 8, 2022.